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Epoxy Flooring vs. Modular Garage Flooring

By |2021-09-07T13:05:39-06:00September 1st, 2016|Garage Flooring|

Epoxy flooring and painted garage coatings Coatings include floor paints, epoxy paint, stains, and sealers, all of which can emit toxic fumes. There are thousands of various coating options in the market with no clear leader. Properly applied coatings can protect against stains, road salts, some chemicals, and moisture penetration. But [...]

New Sublime Color

By |2021-09-07T13:05:35-06:00August 4th, 2016|Garage Flooring|

By popular demand, the new Sublime tile color is now available from RaceDeck®! This new addition is a bright and vibrant green that will pack a punch in your next flooring design. Perfect for the off-road enthusiast looking for an electrifying vehicle display. Showcase your motorcycle, four wheeler, car, or your [...]

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