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Circletrac yellow, alloy and black home garage with Mazda

Modular Garage Flooring Systems for the Home Garage

What is Modular Garage Flooring and why is it a great option for the home garage?

Modular garage flooring systems are comprised of resilient polypropene tiles that can simply be interlocked without the addition of messy glues or anchors. Installation is typically a DIY project completed by the homeowner and can be achieved in just a few hours. While modular flooring has been around for decades, modular flooring engineered for the garage was introduced in the late 90’s by RaceDeck (a USA SnapLock company). Over the last 20+ years, the modular flooring industry has become one of the most popular choices for the home garage improvement sector.

What sets modular flooring apart from epoxied or painted garage floors? 

Prior to modular garage flooring, the most common choice for the home garage was paint or epoxy floor systems. High grade, high end options installed by a commercial contractor or cheaper DIY epoxy kits that are difficult to use and caustic to install by the homeowner. Both paint and epoxy applications require days of an empty garage, several layers, toxic fumes, and mess in the process–not ideal. Notable issues with epoxy floors are that they are easily stained, chipped or blistered from hot tires and once damaged, the entire floor must be redone. Over time, epoxy floors require a lot of maintenance and significant cost, not to mention that you can’t take them with you should you move. 

Why has Modular Garage Flooring become the leading choice for the DIY home garage installation? 

Modular Garage Floors are easy to install in just a couple of hours with no surface prep needed. No more of moving all your items out of the garage for days and having to deal with all of the toxic materials, fumes and dust. 

Modular garage flooring is extremely durable, resisting petroleum products and household chemicals, and engineered to handle extreme rolling loads. If you happen to damage a modular garage tile, you can simply unsnap a single module and replace it in seconds. There are also countless colors and design options to create the coolest-looking garage floor. 

Modular garage floors also prevent mold and mildew in the garage. Garages are not exactly the most hospitable environment: large thermal temp swings, rain and snow slop coming in from cars, and moisture that leaches up through concrete… all potentially creating mold and mildew issues. Since quality modular flooring is a suspension system where the understructure is channeled, it allows the liquids to flow freely and moisture to escape. 

Cost is also a big reason modular garage floors are so popular. Your initial thought may be that epoxy may be close to same cost, but In the long run, epoxy can be highly exoensive. Not only are modular floors more durable, they will last many times longer than epoxy. And as a bonus, you can take the floor with you when you move and reuse again! 

You’ll find that modular floor tiles offer great variety and versatility, and they won’t stain, fade, chip or develop mold. The ease and speed of installation is a tremendous upside!

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Voodoo Falcon doors open

RaceDeck’s Voodoo Falcon Returns to the Nest

The Voodoo Falcon has officially settled into its new Nest in Salt Lake City. The 1963.5 Sprint Falcon, journeyed from its original owner (a lifelong Ford Motor Company Employee) in Michigan to Utah in late 2019. Following an epic 2+ year custom restoration build, detailed by, (Click here to read the article), the Falcon at long last has motored in to take its spot in the Nest, the RD Speed Garage.

Voodoo Falcon Car

When the Voodoo Falcon isn’t slaying the curves of Utah’s notorious canyon roads, or winding up its 630hp GT350r Voodoo engine on the track, it’s parked in arguably one of the coolest garages in the Wasatch Front. The RD Speed Garage, located Downtown, is a 1949 barrel roof warehouse converted to house a cool collection of rides, hang with industry friends, and of course the focal point, a top-of-the-line RaceDeck Garage Floor.

Voodoo Falcon

The Garage and guest office/lounge area contain a combined 8,500+ square feet of RaceDeck flooring including multi-patented Charred Oak, RaceDeck XL, and the newly patented Free-Flow XLC, the industry heavyweight garage floor. The definition of multi-use, the Speed Garage needed a flooring system versatile enough to withstand the rolling loads and lifts required of a working garage with the ability to interlock to a higher end commercial product with the appropriate look and feel for an office and lounge. 

Voodoo Falcon in the Speed Garage, showing deep sea mural

Believe it or not, the RaceDeck floor and the Voodoo Falcon and friends are not the only pieces of eye candy. Along with several pieces of cool graffiti style art on display, one interior wall features a custom deep sea-themed graffiti mural done by Sril Art, one of the country’s premier graffiti artists. Zeus, another Sril piece, is on display in the RD lounge. Monochromatic themes and a reflective ceiling complete the truly unique combination of art and cool machines.

RaceDeck Speed Garage
RaceDeck Patent

RaceDeck Free-Flow XLC Garage Flooring Issued Patent from USPTO

Free-Flow XLC commercial garage flooring system technology issued patent

Salt Lake City, UT

Innovation never stops at RaceDeck HQ with Free-Flow XLC becoming the latest product in the RaceDeck garage flooring line-up to be awarded a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Free-Flow XL Commercial, or Free-Flow XLC, now offers patented garage flooring technologies and a commercial grade construction ideal for use in residential garages, shops, dealerships, and more.

The latest patent affirms RaceDeck’s ongoing commitment to offering the industry’s most cutting-edge modular garage flooring systems. Following the success of the original self-draining 12″Free-Flow product, the RaceDeck research and development team saw a need for another virtually no-maintenance garage flooring system that was taller, beefier, and able to handle greater rolling loads. Free-Flow XLC utilizes modular garage flooring’s first dual traction tread rib, offering superior slip resistance and easier than ever rolling of toolboxes across the floor. The bulked-up understructure combined with the traditional RaceDeck power lock system ensures a floor that will stand up to whatever you roll, drive, or throw at it.

With 33 patents total, SnapLock Industries, parent company and manufacturer of RaceDeck Garage floors, SnapSports Athletic Surfaces and more, continues to set the bar high for product performance and innovation. Manufactured 24/7 in a 160,000 square foot ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, RaceDeck is USA Made, high quality and first in the industry for design, durability, and ease of installation.

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Garage of the Year 2021

RaceDeck Dream Garage of the Year Contest Winners Announced 2021

The fourth annual RaceDeck Garage of the Year contest has come to a close and it was nothing short of pandemonium!

The RaceDeck crew received a record number of entries vying for the 2021 Dream Garage of the Year, largely due to the over $5,000 worth of prizes on the line for contest winners, with the Grand Prize winner taking home huge prizes from TireRack, QuickJack, and GoodGuys Rod & Custom, plus more!

The hundreds of 2021 entries included garages of all shapes and sizes with the coolest cars, planes, bikes, and toys parked on RaceDeck Garage Floors. Unable to narrow the field to just the top 10, RaceDeck showcased the contest’s top 15 garages, in no particular order, on their Facebook and Instagram pages where you can check out your dream garage. Picking a Grand Prize winner and runner-up proved to be the most challenging task yet, with members of the RaceDeck team heatedly arguing the case of their favorite garage. After a consensus could not be reached, it was decided to choose a grand prize, second place, third place, and runner-up for the 2021 Garage of the Year winner board. Below are our winners and a bit about what made their garages stand out.


Paul’s garage is exactly what we are talking about when we say “every cool garage starts from the ground up™”. Paul lives in an airpark community and wanted his garage to reflect is his life style. From motorcycles, cars, plane, and even building cool RC remote planes, this garage has it all. Paul clearly agrees that “Life is better in the garage!”

SECOND PLACE: Steve Brueck

Wood you look at his super cool home garage?! This is one the best looking garage designs we have seen using our Smoked Oak style garage flooring. The wall detail and garage accessories make it feel like another warm cozy (and organized) room in the house, we love it!


John’s garage takes us on a trip “back to the 50’s”. This is a dream garage that took years for John to create where his family and friends hang out daily. We’re sure there have been many “happy days” here. In every photo there are so many cool things to see, from John’s incredible car collection to his 50’s diner memorabilia, be sure to check it out.

RUNNER-UP: Michelle Anselment

Michelle’s garage is the picture of the innovation and technology associated with 2021. With multi-patented RaceDeck being the most advanced modular garage flooring system available, it’s great to see it installed in such a high-tech home. High-Tech & Clean is the theme of the future and of this awesome home garage.

Looking to see more garage floor ideas? Check out our photo gallery to see even more real customer garages.

Thank you to all of our entries; everyone at RaceDeck was blown away but the creativity, craftsmanship, and hard work evidenced by each of the entries received. Also a big thank you to our contest partners: TireRack, QuickJack, and GoodGuys Rod & Custom. Looking forward to 2022!

Garage Pictures: Capturing the Best of Your Cool Home Garage

You had a vision of what your dream garage would look like, you worked hard to get it done, and now it’s time to show it off.

Taking awesome garage pictures is the quickest and easiest way to share your finished garage flooring project with family, friends, and your social media followers.

Taking pictures of your garage tiles is easy with modern cell phones or digital cameras—it just takes a little planning to get the best possible shots. Over the years (and through a lot of trial and error) we’ve discovered what makes a garage photo really stand out. Below are a few tips.

Clean your garage and remove any clutter (ex: boxes, stored house items, items on the floor, etc.) Give your floor a good sweep to get rid of any leaves, footprints, or dust from the installation.

Lighting is key! Know which way your garage faces and use the sunlight (or sunset) to your advantage.

Take photos with and without your cars or motorcycle in the garage.

If you have a garage with nice lighting at night, a great shot is from your driveway looking into the garage (capturing just past the door opening on each side at various angles).

Before and after photos are a great way to tell the story of how you created your dream garage – Always shoot the before and after from the same angle and height for a the most impactful transformation photo.

Circletrac Sublime and Free-Flow Black garage with Tesla

Get shots from many angles and levels. The 4 best shots are typically: Looking into the garage from the driveway from head high level, shot from 1 corner looking in to the garage and out at a lower level (both with and without cars), shots from above looking down into the garage floor are great and a photo that you feel shows what your garage is all about.

Get different photos holding the phone or camera both vertically and horizontally. iPhone users can also get great shots using portrait mode.

With today’s cameras and phones, you can take many great photos! Pick the best 4 or 5 and if needed, imaging editing is also very easy and most devices have an “auto” image editor.

All that’s left is to show off your “Coolest Garage On The Block”!

Sung Kang's Garage

How to Achieve a Dream Garage Like Fast 9’s Sung Kang

It’s not often you get to meet an actor from one of the largest and longest running movie franchises, so when you do, you want to make a lasting impression, and what better way to do that than by exposing cult hit Icon Sung Kang to the most modern garage flooring in the game. RaceDeck CEO Jorgen Moller did just that when the Fast 9 and Obi-Wan Kenobi star stopped by for a visit at RaceDeck in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sung got to take a peek at Jorgen’s ’73 Kenmeri, already a display of pure awe, when just underneath that beauty was our Free-Flow XLC garage flooring. We don’t know what Sung loved more, the car or the garage floor, because that’s the day the Tokyo Drift actor decided he wanted to get some RaceDeck flooring for his garage back in LA.

Sung Kang at Jorgen's RaceDeck Garage
Sung Kang at Jorgen’s RaceDeck Garage

Treating Your Cars to a Life of Luxury

When you’re not out showing off your ride, you’re more than likely going to be working on it in your garage, which is why you need to make sure you’re investing just as much time and energy into it as you would your car. You won’t walk into Sung Kang’s garage and find exposed flooring, cobwebs and old Christmas decorations; instead you’ll find pure racing bliss all sitting on RaceDeck Free-Flow XLC flooring. Like Ludacris’ court, you’ll be greeted by premier quality and seamless presentation.

Our Free-Flow XLC is the first commercial grade product to join the family, boasting qualities that make it perfect for commercial garages, shops, dealerships, and Sung Kang’s garage. Especially that last one.

Blockbuster Features

With everything that Free-Flow XLC has to offer, you’d think they’re using our stuff in every Fast and the Furious garage scene. Dual-Traction Tread offers more surface area for unrivaled slip resistance and easy cleaning. You also won’t have any issues rolling around toolboxes, creepers, and trays on this flooring. To add, we also offer the largest garage tile, measuring in at a colossal 18″ x 18″ x 3/4, and you’ll be surprised to know that our flooring self-drains, perfect for eliminating hydrostatic tension. It’s also some of the most durable garage flooring you’ll experience, being able to support rolling loads of over 80,000 pounds. Now that’s 100% American muscle.

Your garage floor should tie your dream garage together, so don’t settle for ordinary. Unleash your inner Han and check out our top-of-the-line garage flooring options that are sure to breathe new life into your second home.

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Jorgen and Ken Block at the Hoonigan Racing Division with the Ford Escort MK2

RaceDeck Garage Floors Teams Up with the Hoonigan Racing Division

Things have accelerated at RD HQ recently with the RaceDeck crew spending time at Ken Block’s legendary Hoonigan Racing Division in Park City, Utah. RaceDeck CEO Jorgen Moller was on hand to deploy a custom designed RaceDeck Garage Floor for the Hoonigan team, complete with personalized custom logos. While onsite, the RD crew received an offer they couldn’t possibly turn down: the chance to acquire the Iconic Hoonigan MK2 RS. The M-K-what, you ask? You know it as the flat black and star-spangled Ford Escort MK2 that you’ve seen pretty much everywhere. With millions of views on Youtube, to a popular player option on Forza 4 video game, this iconic ride is legendary.

Free-Flow XLC installed in the Hoonigan garage

The newest member of the RaceDeck Speed Garage is iconic for a reason: the MK2 Escort is a one-of-a-kind rally machine. Mechanically, this Escort shares all the best parts of a top-level WRC-spec tarmac build, coupled with a specialized suspension setup with Gymkhana tricks in mind. Under the star-studded hood, the car packs a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Millington motor that generates 333 naturally-aspirated horses and absolutely screams at the limit when stretched out to the 9,000 rpm redline. That’s right—we said 9,000 RPMS! Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox.

Custom painted logos on the new RaceDeck flooring

The flooring of choice for the Hoonigan garage shop is RaceDeck’s cutting edge, multi-patented FreeFlow XLC shop flooring complete with custom, hand-painted Hoonigan Racing Division and the new 43-Block logos. FreeFlow XLC is the latest commercial grade addition to the extensive RD product line up. Bigger, beefier and engineered garage tough, FreeFlow XLC is the top choice for shops, dealerships, commercial garages, race teams and more. RaceDeck is the Original USA made, multi-patented modular flooring system engineered for the garage, with over 20 style offerings.

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Brantley Gilbert shows his Pandora Billionaire award in his RaceDeck Free-Flow garage

Welcome to the Dawg House: Country Music Superstar Brantley Gilbert’s Garage, Showroom, Man Cave, & More

See why the Country Music Superstar and RaceDeck Garage Floors are Both Legends in the Making.

Country music’s Brantley Gilbert sings a lot of songs about letting loose on a weekend night in a small town that should be listened to loud. So, when the pandemic kept him at home, he got bored. Gilbert had been dreaming of turning his garage into a man cave, so he called on his “boys” (friends and bandmates) to help him with a garage renovation, and man did they “Fire’t Up!” They covered every inch of his garage and man cave with RaceDeck flooring. “I just love the design, how light bounces off of it,” says Gilbert about the Free-Flow® RaceDeck garage floor he installed.

RaceDeck & Brantley Gilbert’s Dawg House

The garage houses his trucks, off-road toys, motorcycles (his “babies”), and even his tour bus. But wait – there’s more! The country star and the boys also installed RaceDeck wood-style flooring (with the same simple snap-in features) in what he says is “the man cave/showroom/anything you can think of.” There’s space there for bunk beds, a writing room, a back patio with an overlook to a dance floor – and every amazing inch is beautifully covered in RaceDeck’s wood look modular flooring.

The RaceDeck custom garage flooring is the dream Gilbert had before he became successful, and there’s a reason he used it for his cars, bikes, off-road toys, and tour bus. “This stuff has an 80,000-pound test, and it is tough. When you bring these guys in here nasty and dirty, you can drag a pressure hose right in and clean off the mud. We installed three drains on each side. We even wash the tour bus right here.”

Brantley Gilbert's Tour Bus

Brantley Gilbert’s Tour Bus

Then there is Gilbert’s collection of toys and vehicles. Check out the 1968 Mercury Cougar he brought back to life (and yes, the lyric about when he “gets the cover off the ‘68” in his famous song, “My Kind of Party,” is about this white Mercury Cougar). Stray dogs and cats once lived in it, but he’s turned it into a hot rod. Jeff Lee helped with the motor.

A self-professed “Ford truck guy,” Gilbert also has a 2018 Ford SpeedKore Edition F-150 that looks good and “she’s fast.” When they unveiled it to him, it blew his mind. “This is probably the fun-nest vehicle I’ve ever driven in my life.” He also has a 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty 4×4 (Lifted) built by Rocky Ridge. Then there are the toys: A Polaris RZR, four side-by-sides, and several four-wheelers.

But his real “babies” are his motorcycles. A major enthusiast, Gilbert shows off his  “babies,” including a 1999 Harley Davidson Softtail Custom, which they take out on the road because it’s part of his show. Next up is a 2006 Harley Davidson Road King, his newest and oldest bike all at the same time, which he bought to tear down and loved so much “she stayed exactly like she was.” Then there’s a Fatbackers Incorporated 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide that’s big and blocky and built to the gills. Last but not least, there’s Gilbert’s 2018 Harley Davidson Road Glide that’s his trip bike. He also has some drift trikes and minis.

When he’s not riding or touring, one of Gilbert’s favorite places at the Dawg House is the bar. With big hits like “Bottom’s Up,” that’s not hard to imagine, except the musician recently celebrated nine years of sobriety. “It’s where everyone else drinks, but I always end up playing bartender,” says Gilbert. “And if you get bit,” he adds, “this is where you wake up in the morning.”

You might be asking, what do you name such a vast, envy-inducing space? Gilbert dubbed it the “Dawg House” – a nod to Gilbert’s beloved Georgia Bulldogs. And if you think there’s more to the name than his favorite sports teams, you’re probably right. “I thought the Dawg House was a cool name,” Gilbert told People magazine in an exclusive interview, “But also some of the guys will say, ‘Well, if you do screw up and get kicked out of the house for a minute…’” he jokes. “In the South, we call that ‘getting put in the doghouse, so now there is an actual Dawg House where they can come stay.”

We doubt Gilbert’s in the actual doghouse often. Read any critique of Gilbert’s music you’re likely to hear about songs not just about having a good time, but those that reveal a man who cares about the people in his life. His space is a great place for friends and family to unwind, and when they realized his kids also need play space of their own, he built a special treehouse. “It’s got a boy’s side and a girl’s side,” the singer says, “and it’s right beside the Dawg House. So that’s their Dawg House.” We’re pretty sure it has RaceDeck flooring, too.

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Matthew Brown's Multicolor Free-Flow Garage with Lift

RaceDeck’s Garage of the Year Winners!

Who has the Coolest Garage on The Block for 2020? It’s Matthew Brown for the Win.

This year’s 2020 Garage of the Year Winner isn’t just Living the Garage Life, our champion extended RaceDeck® garaging flooring to his shop, too – a massive part of his life as a car enthusiast. Matthew Brown, of Idaho used RaceDeck® FreeFlow® and Smoked Oak XL flooring for what can only be described as his uber-cool garage.

“It’s my ‘fun place,’ where I work on my cars and trucks,” Matthew said. “I used to have a Ford Model A, and my current collection includes my daily driver, a Ford Mustang GT Premium, a recently lifted Ford F-150, and two Polaris RZRs for fun. I also work on the cars of trucks of friends and family here.”

Huge congrats to Matthew, who proved his garage is anything but typical. Which reminds us that the year 2020 was anything but ordinary. That goes for our Garage of the Year contest, too. RaceDeck had so hundreds and hundreds of cool garage photos submitted for this year’s contest, so instead of highlighting the top ten like we usually do, we chose 25!

The Garage design ideas featured some killer toys, rad rides, and the best garage floors we’ve ever seen. Entries ranged from massive garages fully outfitted with lifts, to man caves, to garage gyms and everything in between. Designs were colorful, muted, wild, classic, and completely original. We were blown away at how many of you love the garage life as much as we do!

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve seen us showing off the limitless creativity we received for cool garage ideas but here’s a shout-out to everyone in our top 25 in one place. Just take a look at these radical rides and RaceDeck garages (in no particular order) – and keep your ideas and photos coming. After all, 2021 could be your year to have the Coolest Garage on the Block!

Highlights From the Top 25:

Bill Pierce of Houston, Texas

has a man cave garage floored with our multi-patented TuffShield Diamond® style garage flooring. See photos below!

Jon-Paul Mickle of Louisiana

has a garage and shed floored with our multi-patented CircleTrac® style garage flooring. Check out the transformation of this cool little space!

James Martin of Arizona

has a man cave/garage painted in Harley orange, black, and gray. He chose RaceDeck because it was “the sharpest-looking product on the market.”

Peter Framson of Maryland

has a garage that’s a converted 1960’s Civil War-era “bank barn.” Peter and his wife have done two garages with RaceDeck flooring and had a blast each time!

Scott Stekr of Colorado

has a cool home garage and woodworking shop that’s floored with our multi-patented Free-Flow® style garage flooring.

Allen and Sasha Crisp of Florida

have a four-car garage used extensively for vehicle service and repair, but their RaceDeck flooring means they keep it showtime ready. “RaceDeck is the right, and only, choice for us.”

Steven Hossa of Illinois

keeps his supercharged Range Rover Sport and Ford Raptor on the best, RaceDeck checked floor out there.

Ron Schaepkens of Michigan

now has an impressive RaceDeck garage floor that dramatically contrasts with his cars. Ron used RaceDeck’s black diamond plate TuffShield and aluminum diamond plate.

Frank Mewborn of Georgia

built an addition onto the house that serves as his shop/man cave. His hobby is building café racers, and he says he picked RaceDeck garage flooring because it’s nothing but the best.

Kendi Endra of Rhode Island

says her two beautiful cars, including her dream car, the King of Corvettes, deserved a “cool abode” and installed RaceDeck flooring that allowed her creativity to flourish.

Daniel Allen of Pennsylvania

chose a retro-style industrial look with a complementing RaceDeck floor pattern to define parking pads for his “dueling Germans.”

Ken Berger of California

chose RaceDeck flooring for an upgrade for his 2,000 sq. ft. garage he built over 30 years ago to house an incredible collection that includes a 69 Shelby GT 350 convertible.

James Broyles of Pennsylvania

is a Corvette junkie, who used stunning RaceDeck flooring for his garage renovation in preparation for a new Corvette HTC.

Victor Neeley of South Carolina

loves his RaceDeck flooring and inspired his brother-in-law to design with RaceDeck garage flooring, too.

Mike Rosedale of Illinois

is a long-time satisfied RaceDeck customer who built a fantastic six-car garage their neighbors refer to as “Garage Mahal.”

Robert Stewart of Southern California

designed his garage with RaceDeck flooring as a Pandemic Project. He chose RaceDeck garage flooring because it creates a fantastic showroom floor and is customizable for any design style.

Stephen Fantasia of Texas

bought four 100th anniversary Harley Davidsons in 2003 and decided to transform his garage using RaceDeck flooring into a fully functional personal bike workshop.

Lester Stanley of Massachusetts

gets a nod for turning up the volume on his heated and air-conditioned garage featuring RaceDeck flooring that he loves, in part, because he says spills are effortless to wipe up.

Josh Boyer of Pennsylvania

says his wife hated his garages before RaceDeck, and now she’s pushing him to finish more. He loves the way RaceDeck garage flooring transformed his space.

Darryl Clark of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

says he chose RaceDeck because it was the only floor that would support his four-post lift.

Kenneth Rutter of Illinois

used RaceDeck for the second time and recommends it to everyone he knows.

Rich Stomp of North Georgia

says when he has friends over who admire his cars (especially the Ford GT), they always ask about the RaceDeck flooring. “It’s a great product and dresses up the garage.”

Richard Lorio of Chicago, Illinois

has a nearly 1,000 sq. ft. home garage with wall-to-wall RaceDeck Free-Flow graphic tiles that show off the “Ford guy’s” cars – and is a place of refuge for him.

Guðmundur Árni Pálsson and Maríu Höbbý of Iceland

have an incredible, huge multi-level garage that includes a collection of cars and motorcycles, plenty of activities, and not to mention an elevator. More about this next-level garage here.

The owners/designers of the top 25 garages featured here received some coveted RaceDeck Swag, and our top winner, Matthew, took home a grand prize package that will include a feature of his garage in an upcoming national ad campaign for RaceDeck. Thanks to everyone for sharing the most awesome garage floors we’ve ever seen! Here’s to seeing your spaces right here next year.

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RaceDeck Kicks Off Garage of the Year Countdown

The 2020 Garage of the Year countdown has begun!

In its third year, the RaceDeck GOTY contest typically counts down the top 10 garage submissions before announcing the big winner. But, as we’ve all come to understand, nothing about 2020 was “typical!” This year, the RD team received so many incredible garage submissions with so many awesome stories behind them, it was impossible to pick just 10. Instead—and even this was hard—we chose 25 of our favorite submissions and one grand prize winner to be crowned the RaceDeck 2020 Garage of the Year!

From January 6th — January 30th via the RD Instagram and Facebook pages, we’ll be sharing (in no particular order) 25 of the coolest garages on the block, featuring rad rides, killer toys, and of course, the best garage floors we’ve ever seen! Featured garages will win coveted RaceDeck Swag and the grand prize winner will take home a prize package, including having their garage featured in a RaceDeck National Ad Campaign. The big winner will be announced on January 31st. Have you seen your garage on our pages yet? Stay tuned!

RaceDeck… Great folks and a really cool product!

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