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Diamond TuffShield garage with work benches and storage

Small Garage Updates That Feel BIG! 

Having the perfect garage matters to car lovers and homeowners alike. Part of bringing your dream garage to life is adding the right upgrades. When you make the perfect upgrades to your garage, you’re able to get the most out of your garage. Here are a handful of improvements every true car lover has made to their garage:

Sturdy workbench

Having a designated workbench gives you a place to work on different projects you need to finish. You’re able to work on your radiator or carburetor without having to bring it in the house. Make sure that the bench is a decent size so you have plenty of space to work. You don’t want to run out of space for the tools that you need within reach of you!

Utility sink

If you’ve had to walk into your house just to wash your hands only to go back to your garage to keep working, you need a utility sink. Installing a utility sink is a really useful addition to your garage. You’ll make your life a whole lot easier since you can also use it to clean off your dirty tools and use while out doing yardwork.

A storage system

Having a home for all of your tools and spare parts is really important to clear your garage of clutter. There are different solutions you can use in your garage to help you stay organized. Some of these solutions include utility hooks that you can use to hang up tools like brooms and rakes. You can also use a mounted wall organizer to store items such as nuts, screws, bolts, and washers. For keeping your boxes and containers organized, you could consider overhead storage racks to help keep your boxes and containers off the ground.

Custom RaceDeck flooring

If you want garage flooring that you can easily install and personalize, consider RaceDeck flooring as one of your garage upgrades. You can add more personality to your garage since you can choose exactly which color schemes you want to use. They’re also functional, durable, and slip-resistant when wet.

Examples of garage updates:

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RaceDeck Diamond XL in a garage with lighting and cabinets

Do these four things in your garage to increase the value of your home

When you invest in your garage, you also invest in the value of your home. You’ll naturally want to improve your garage since you’re a true car lover. By following the four tips below, you also add more personality and can save money in the long run as well. Here are four things you can do to your garage that will be sure to increase the value of your home:

Breathe new life into your garage with a new paint job

There’s nothing like a fresh paint job. Upgrading the paint in your garage will give it a fresh feel. It’s a worthwhile investment and will make your overall home more enticing if you’re planning on selling your home.

Brighten up your garage with better lighting

Upgrading your garages lighting not only increases the value of your home but it also improves the safety of your garage. With proper lighting in your garage, it’ll be easier to see where you’re going. You’ll also have significantly better visibility when doing everything from detailing your car to replacing your windshield wipers. Depending on the aesthetic of your garage and what you need, there are many different lighting options for you to choose from such as strip lights and wraparound light.

Save money on energy costs by improving insulation

What if you could save money in the long run on energy costs while still raising the value of your home? You can do both by improving your garage insulation. It’s a worthwhile investment especially if you work a lot in your garage. You’ll be more comfortable temperature-wise in your garage any time you have to get something done. There are different types of insulation you can use. Be sure to consult an insulation expert before taking action.

Add personality and increase safety with RaceDeck flooring

You can breathe even more life into your garage by installing RaceDeck flooring. One of the reasons why RaceDeck flooring adds value to your home and is it improves the safety of your home. The safety level in your garage goes up is because RaceDeck flooring is slip-resistant when wet and is also available in a self-draining design to reduce slip and falls. If you want to add personality to your garage, you can even customize the flooring color combinations for your garage. It’ll give your garage more flair and make it more inviting.

All four tips listed above will not only add value to your home but it’ll also make your garage even more inviting. You are more likely to enjoy being in your garage by following these tips. You’ll also make your home more appealing to prospective home buyers should you decide to sell your home.

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RaceDeck… Great folks and a really cool product!

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