RaceDeck’s Voodoo Falcon Returns to the Nest

The Voodoo Falcon has officially settled into its new Nest in Salt Lake City. The 1963.5 Sprint Falcon, journeyed from its original owner (a lifelong Ford Motor Company Employee) in Michigan to Utah in late 2019. Following an epic 2+ year custom restoration build, detailed by FuelCurve.com, (Click here to read the article), the Falcon at long last has motored in to take its spot in the Nest, the RD Speed Garage.

Voodoo Falcon Car


When the Voodoo Falcon isn’t slaying the curves of Utah’s notorious canyon roads, or winding up its 630hp GT350r Voodoo engine on the track, it’s parked in arguably one of the coolest garages in the Wasatch Front. The RD Speed Garage, located Downtown, is a 1949 barrel roof warehouse converted to house a cool collection of rides, hang with industry friends, and of course the focal point, a top-of-the-line RaceDeck Garage Floor.

Voodoo Falcon


The Garage and guest office/lounge area contain a combined 8,500+ square feet of RaceDeck flooring including multi-patented Charred Oak, RaceDeck XL, and the newly patented Free-Flow XLC, the industry heavyweight garage floor. The definition of multi-use, the Speed Garage needed a flooring system versatile enough to withstand the rolling loads and lifts required of a working garage with the ability to interlock to a higher end commercial product with the appropriate look and feel for an office and lounge.

Voodoo Falcon in the Speed Garage, showing deep sea mural


Believe it or not, the RaceDeck floor and the Voodoo Falcon and friends are not the only pieces of eye candy. Along with several pieces of cool graffiti style art on display, one interior wall features a custom deep sea-themed graffiti mural done by Sril Art, one of the country’s premier graffiti artists. Zeus, another Sril piece, is on display in the RD lounge. Monochromatic themes and a reflective ceiling complete the truly unique combination of art and cool machines.

RaceDeck Speed Garage


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