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Sung Kang's Garage

How to Achieve a Dream Garage Like Fast 9’s Sung Kang

It’s not often you get to meet an actor from one of the largest and longest running movie franchises, so when you do, you want to make a lasting impression, and what better way to do that than by exposing cult hit Icon Sung Kang to the most modern garage flooring in the game. RaceDeck CEO Jorgen Moller did just that when the Fast 9 and Obi-Wan Kenobi star stopped by for a visit at RaceDeck in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sung got to take a peek at Jorgen’s ’73 Kenmeri, already a display of pure awe, when just underneath that beauty was our Free-Flow XLC garage flooring. We don’t know what Sung loved more, the car or the garage floor, because that’s the day the Tokyo Drift actor decided he wanted to get some RaceDeck flooring for his garage back in LA.

Sung Kang at Jorgen's RaceDeck Garage
Sung Kang at Jorgen’s RaceDeck Garage

Treating Your Cars to a Life of Luxury

When you’re not out showing off your ride, you’re more than likely going to be working on it in your garage, which is why you need to make sure you’re investing just as much time and energy into it as you would your car. You won’t walk into Sung Kang’s garage and find exposed flooring, cobwebs and old Christmas decorations; instead you’ll find pure racing bliss all sitting on RaceDeck Free-Flow XLC flooring. Like Ludacris’ court, you’ll be greeted by premier quality and seamless presentation.

Our Free-Flow XLC is the first commercial grade product to join the family, boasting qualities that make it perfect for commercial garages, shops, dealerships, and Sung Kang’s garage. Especially that last one.

Blockbuster Features

With everything that Free-Flow XLC has to offer, you’d think they’re using our stuff in every Fast and the Furious garage scene. Dual-Traction Tread offers more surface area for unrivaled slip resistance and easy cleaning. You also won’t have any issues rolling around toolboxes, creepers, and trays on this flooring. To add, we also offer the largest garage tile, measuring in at a colossal 18″ x 18″ x 3/4, and you’ll be surprised to know that our flooring self-drains, perfect for eliminating hydrostatic tension. It’s also some of the most durable garage flooring you’ll experience, being able to support rolling loads of over 80,000 pounds. Now that’s 100% American muscle.

Your garage floor should tie your dream garage together, so don’t settle for ordinary. Unleash your inner Han and check out our top-of-the-line garage flooring options that are sure to breathe new life into your second home.

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Jorgen and Ken Block at the Hoonigan Racing Division with the Ford Escort MK2

RaceDeck Garage Floors Teams Up with the Hoonigan Racing Division

Things have accelerated at RD HQ recently with the RaceDeck crew spending time at Ken Block’s legendary Hoonigan Racing Division in Park City, Utah. RaceDeck CEO Jorgen Moller was on hand to deploy a custom designed RaceDeck Garage Floor for the Hoonigan team, complete with personalized custom logos. While onsite, the RD crew received an offer they couldn’t possibly turn down: the chance to acquire the Iconic Hoonigan MK2 RS. The M-K-what, you ask? You know it as the flat black and star-spangled Ford Escort MK2 that you’ve seen pretty much everywhere. With millions of views on Youtube, to a popular player option on Forza 4 video game, this iconic ride is legendary.

Free-Flow XLC installed in the Hoonigan garage

The newest member of the RaceDeck Speed Garage is iconic for a reason: the MK2 Escort is a one-of-a-kind rally machine. Mechanically, this Escort shares all the best parts of a top-level WRC-spec tarmac build, coupled with a specialized suspension setup with Gymkhana tricks in mind. Under the star-studded hood, the car packs a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Millington motor that generates 333 naturally-aspirated horses and absolutely screams at the limit when stretched out to the 9,000 rpm redline. That’s right—we said 9,000 RPMS! Power is sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox.

Custom painted logos on the new RaceDeck flooring

The flooring of choice for the Hoonigan garage shop is RaceDeck’s cutting edge, multi-patented FreeFlow XLC shop flooring complete with custom, hand-painted Hoonigan Racing Division and the new 43-Block logos. FreeFlow XLC is the latest commercial grade addition to the extensive RD product line up. Bigger, beefier and engineered garage tough, FreeFlow XLC is the top choice for shops, dealerships, commercial garages, race teams and more. RaceDeck is the Original USA made, multi-patented modular flooring system engineered for the garage, with over 20 style offerings.

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Brantley Gilbert shows his Pandora Billionaire award in his RaceDeck Free-Flow garage

Welcome to the Dawg House: Country Music Superstar Brantley Gilbert’s Garage, Showroom, Man Cave, & More

See why the Country Music Superstar and RaceDeck Garage Floors are Both Legends in the Making.

Country music’s Brantley Gilbert sings a lot of songs about letting loose on a weekend night in a small town that should be listened to loud. So, when the pandemic kept him at home, he got bored. Gilbert had been dreaming of turning his garage into a man cave, so he called on his “boys” (friends and bandmates) to help him with a garage renovation, and man did they “Fire’t Up!” They covered every inch of his garage and man cave with RaceDeck flooring. “I just love the design, how light bounces off of it,” says Gilbert about the Free-Flow® RaceDeck garage floor he installed.

RaceDeck & Brantley Gilbert’s Dawg House

The garage houses his trucks, off-road toys, motorcycles (his “babies”), and even his tour bus. But wait – there’s more! The country star and the boys also installed RaceDeck wood-style flooring (with the same simple snap-in features) in what he says is “the man cave/showroom/anything you can think of.” There’s space there for bunk beds, a writing room, a back patio with an overlook to a dance floor – and every amazing inch is beautifully covered in RaceDeck’s wood look modular flooring.

The RaceDeck custom garage flooring is the dream Gilbert had before he became successful, and there’s a reason he used it for his cars, bikes, off-road toys, and tour bus. “This stuff has an 80,000-pound test, and it is tough. When you bring these guys in here nasty and dirty, you can drag a pressure hose right in and clean off the mud. We installed three drains on each side. We even wash the tour bus right here.”

Brantley Gilbert's Tour Bus

Brantley Gilbert’s Tour Bus

Then there is Gilbert’s collection of toys and vehicles. Check out the 1968 Mercury Cougar he brought back to life (and yes, the lyric about when he “gets the cover off the ‘68” in his famous song, “My Kind of Party,” is about this white Mercury Cougar). Stray dogs and cats once lived in it, but he’s turned it into a hot rod. Jeff Lee helped with the motor.

A self-professed “Ford truck guy,” Gilbert also has a 2018 Ford SpeedKore Edition F-150 that looks good and “she’s fast.” When they unveiled it to him, it blew his mind. “This is probably the fun-nest vehicle I’ve ever driven in my life.” He also has a 2017 Ford F250 Super Duty 4×4 (Lifted) built by Rocky Ridge. Then there are the toys: A Polaris RZR, four side-by-sides, and several four-wheelers.

But his real “babies” are his motorcycles. A major enthusiast, Gilbert shows off his  “babies,” including a 1999 Harley Davidson Softtail Custom, which they take out on the road because it’s part of his show. Next up is a 2006 Harley Davidson Road King, his newest and oldest bike all at the same time, which he bought to tear down and loved so much “she stayed exactly like she was.” Then there’s a Fatbackers Incorporated 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide that’s big and blocky and built to the gills. Last but not least, there’s Gilbert’s 2018 Harley Davidson Road Glide that’s his trip bike. He also has some drift trikes and minis.

When he’s not riding or touring, one of Gilbert’s favorite places at the Dawg House is the bar. With big hits like “Bottom’s Up,” that’s not hard to imagine, except the musician recently celebrated nine years of sobriety. “It’s where everyone else drinks, but I always end up playing bartender,” says Gilbert. “And if you get bit,” he adds, “this is where you wake up in the morning.”

You might be asking, what do you name such a vast, envy-inducing space? Gilbert dubbed it the “Dawg House” – a nod to Gilbert’s beloved Georgia Bulldogs. And if you think there’s more to the name than his favorite sports teams, you’re probably right. “I thought the Dawg House was a cool name,” Gilbert told People magazine in an exclusive interview, “But also some of the guys will say, ‘Well, if you do screw up and get kicked out of the house for a minute…’” he jokes. “In the South, we call that ‘getting put in the doghouse, so now there is an actual Dawg House where they can come stay.”

We doubt Gilbert’s in the actual doghouse often. Read any critique of Gilbert’s music you’re likely to hear about songs not just about having a good time, but those that reveal a man who cares about the people in his life. His space is a great place for friends and family to unwind, and when they realized his kids also need play space of their own, he built a special treehouse. “It’s got a boy’s side and a girl’s side,” the singer says, “and it’s right beside the Dawg House. So that’s their Dawg House.” We’re pretty sure it has RaceDeck flooring, too.

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Garage floor ideas: Aaron Reitman's garage with Volkswagens and car collection

Aaron Reitman feels the need for speed and a RaceDeck Garage Floor that’s as cool as his rides

Who’s up for a loud, fast ride that smells like gas? Then hit the road with Aaron Reitman in his 1959 Beck Speedster, a Porsche Speedster replica with a CB Performance fuel-injected 2165cc that he says rips! Aaron, who was the runner-up in RaceDeck’s Garage of the Year contest last year, says, “If I have the Beck out, it’s for the sole purpose of driving the car, and I love it. The engine has a tad more than three times the power of a real 356 would’ve had in 1959. It has no door locks, side windows, or creature comforts that make it a standard-usage car, but the Beck’s not actually old, so it’s as reliable as any new car on the road today.” Aaron adds: “It just provides an extraordinarily raw and visceral driving experience, and it’s a car that commands attention at all times.”

The garage floor where Aaron shows off his Beck Speedster demands attention at all times, too.

Just take a look at that classic checkered garage floor. The four-by-four black-and-white RaceDeck custom garage flooring is the ultimate dream for car and garage lovers. “It has such a cool, classic look,” says Aaron. His fully attached garage measures a whopping 2,100 square feet and is completely floored in RaceDeck Free-Flow®.

It’s not Aaron’s first experience owning a RaceDeck garage floor, either. A RaceDeck modular floor took center stage at the home he recently sold. “My last home’s garage floor was a solid black Free-Flow floor with red-and-white racetrack curbing across the entrance of the garage,” Aaron says, but it wasn’t the high-tech look that sold him on a RaceDeck floor twice. “I live in Northern Indiana, and we get significant snow. They use a highly abrasive salt on the roads all winter, but my RaceDeck floor took the daily abuse of our driving for six years and still looked brand new!”

Aaron's previous garage
Aaron’s previous garage

For my new house, there was no question. It was a RaceDeck garage floor or nothing.

Choosing a new design for his new RaceDeck floor was still challenging. “With so many garage floor designs, I was having a tough time making the call on color. We’d just finished the new house when I watched the first F1 race of the season on TV,” says Aaron. “After the race, they pulled Valterri Bottas’ winning car onto the grid, and I noticed the black-and-white Free-Flow right away. I honestly paused the TV and counted the tiles to confirm it was four by four!” Aaron exclaims. “I placed my order with RaceDeck right then and there.”

This RaceDeck floor has proven to stand the test of time at the highest quality. For me, there is no other alternative.

No one can argue that Aaron’s RaceDeck floor has some stiff competition from his collection of cars. Check out the blue-and-white 1969 VW Beetle. Formerly owned by Chuck Beck, the creator of the Beck Speedster and Beck 55 Spyder, the car was restored by Beck/Special Edition of Bremen Indiana in 2019 (get this) as a birthday present for his wife! Then there’s the 1971 VW Tin-Top Westy in Neptune Blue, and the 1961 Dove Blue Single Cab VW Bus. Feast your eyes on that 1972 BMW 2002, though, because that one really has a story: it was the first car Aaron owned when he was 16! “I sold the BMW it in 1992 then repurchased it in 2012 – from the same guy. It was fully restored and painted Jadegrun. That isn’t the correct color for that year, but when I owned it as a 16-year-old kid it was Jadegrun, so I kept it,” tells Aaron.

Every true car enthusiast wants a dream garage to showcase their rides, and RaceDeck flooring options make it simple and affordable!

RaceDeck garage floor options are easy to install—no tools required—and it only takes a few short hours. What’s more, self-draining Free-Flow style flooring is the best way to keep your prize rods and vintage vehicles high and dry year-round. The advanced design allows maximum airflow and evaporation, preventing moisture and thus odor buildup in your garage. All RaceDeck flooring also comes with a 20-year limited warranty so that just like your cars, your floor is a quality investment for the long term.

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Photos of Aaron’s Garage:

Photo Credit: RaceDeck’s own Dean Hainey, Aaron’s salesman!


Awesome garage in Camano Island

Coolest Garage on the Block: Camano Island, Washington

Welcome to Steve’s RaceDeck Garage in Camano Island, Washington. With his collection of classic cars and vintage memorabilia, it is without a doubt the “Coolest Garage on the block” and arguably most of the Pacific Northwest!

Steve and his wife recently made the move to a new garage (and house) in Camano Island, Washington. First on the list was renovating the garage to be a worthy home for their classic cars and accessories. When selecting a floor, Steve and his wife chose RaceDeck TuffShield, the only modular garage flooring system that features a high-gloss sheen to really make the garage pop.

Steve has been collecting and restoring Petroliana for the last 20-plus years. For anyone new to the term, Petroliana is a category of collectables primarily related to gas stations and/or the petroleum industry. Steve’s Petroliana collection consists of mainly signs and antique gas pumps. Other collections may include fuel advertisements, oil cans, and road maps. Steve does the body paint and restoration on all of the signs and pumps while a good friend of his does the neon work. The results are incredible!

Steve also collects and restores classic cars. He current driver is a 1969 Mustang sport roof while his wife zips around in her 1964 Falcon Futura convertible. Next up on the restoration project block is a 72 Ford Maverick Grabber.

Here’s what Steve had to say about his experience with RaceDeck:

“I finally got all of my memorabilia, signs, jukeboxes, gas pumps, etc. put in place and decided I would put RaceDeck TuffShield flooring in the shop. I really liked being able to design it and pick the colors online. It was the frosting on the cake! My wife and I installed it in two days and it looks great! Everybody that has seen it loves it! Thanks for a great product!”

Thanks, Steve, for sharing your awesome garage!

View Photos of Steve’s Garage:

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Next Level Garage

Next Level Garage

In most homes, the garage is not the most impressive room in the house. This is not the case for a RaceDeck Garage. Not only are they the coolest garages on the block™, but most are the coolest rooms in the house. Guðmundur Árni Pálsson and Maríu Höbbý of Iceland, have taken their garage to the next level.

Guðmundur and Maríu’s garage is probably the largest one in Iceland: “Upstairs is a double garage and you can move a vehicle with a car lift down to the basement, which is about 492 sqft,” says Guðmundur. “The basement is broken up by load-bearing walls so I can’t use it all for cars, but it still accommodates two cars downstairs and two upstairs, plus I have a motorcycle, pool table, dartboard, and a huge TV. Our boys and their friends are diligent in using the pool and TV facilities.”

Guðmundur who works as a mason, has worked hard to create a modern showroom for their vehicles. Thus, all the walls are tiled and the floors are elaborate RaceDeck Garage Floor designs. Then the walls are decorated with spare parts, photographs, and posters.

The elevator in the garage is then quite unique, custom-made by Gudmundur’s business partner, a steelmaker. “I got a shipyard to draw it for me and then it was assembled from laser-cut parts,” says Gudmundur, noting that the design is well thought out and can be used, among other things, as a pit for work under a chassis. “In addition to a lift it is a lid that is open over the floor so that it can be used either in the top position or the lower position, and hydraulic cylinders are used to move both the lid and the lift.” It takes just over two minutes to move a vehicle from the basement up into the garage itself and the equipment is simple to handle, according to Guðmundur.

Before children, Guðmundur and Maríu would often ride a motorcycle around Iceland. Today, when the weather is good in the summer, they are more likely to start out with a caravan in the tow. At home, there are two classic Ford Mustangs, a Chevrolet Camaro, a Porsche, and many motorcycles.

“I owned the Camaro a long time ago and drove it for seven or eight years and then sold it. After a while, the Camaro came back on the market, so I bought it back,” says Gudmundur. Before that, Guðmundur has made up a collection of the 1969 Ford Mustang. As well as collecting the cars he has a hobby of repairing old motorcycles.

Guðmundur says that during those times of quieter work, it is good to be able to get to the garage exactly as it was left and continue projects from where they were. There is no risk of the garage and workspace being filled with garbage. “When I finish working on one motorcycle, I start on another. Then there’s the old Mustang that has kept me going. When I got it three years ago it was in parts.”

It is nice that the interest in cars and motorcycles seems to have been passed on to Gudmundur and Maríu’s boys. “When their friends come to visit, the boys like to show them the garage, but they still look more at the cars than anything else. Having grown up in this environment is no doubt that they think cool cars are a normal thing and maybe not so exciting. I, on the other hand, got interested in cars and motorcycles young when I was growing up in the Westman Islands and the interest has only increased with age.”

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If you know Icelandic you can read the original article on

RaceDeck… Great folks and a really cool product!

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