RaceDeck Case Study: Sweet Ride

Executive Summary

  • Customer Name: Sweet Ride, Corporation G – Véhicules & Transport Inc.
  • Industry: Manufacturer & Distributor of detailing products, accessories & equipment for the automotive, transport & vehicle fleets.
  • Location: Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada
  • Website: www.sweetride.ca


  • Being able to offer a professional look and efficient flooring solutions for our customers in the detailing fields, car dealerships, show vehicle enthusiasts, transportation & personal home use.

  • Showcase as a distributor, our different Racedeck floor systems available for our customers.

  • Being able to demonstrate from our business building in a real working environment all the important features of RaceDeck flooring.

sweet ride detailers

Free-Flow for maximum air flow and self-draining

sweet ride detailers

Free-Flow modular design in a delivery truck for an ease of handling and cleaning

Base Customer Advantages:

  • Rapid installation in our customer work environments, virtually no downtime for them.

  • Interlocking floor styles for seamless department switch or decorative purposes.

  • Easily detachable for maintenance & cleaning of
    wash bays.

  • Easy installation & transportation for our show customers.

  • Safe & ergonomic for our customer work areas.

sweet ride detailers

Smoked Oak combined with Diamond tiles for a high-end style

sweet ride store

Smoked Oak and Diamond tiles in showroom space

sweet ride lounge

Durable modular Snap-Carpet in office space

“RaceDeck is simply outstanding. For both our residential and commercial customers, it always increases their appreciation level to their covered area. In addition to being overly efficient, RaceDeck elevates the professional look, and it is this kind of performance that we choose to provide to our customers!”
~ Marc Galipeau – President, Sweet Ride

View and Download the Case Study PDF:

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