RaceDeck’s Garage of the Year Winners!

Who has the Coolest Garage on The Block for 2020? It’s Matthew Brown for the Win.

This year’s 2020 Garage of the Year Winner isn’t just Living the Garage Life, our champion extended RaceDeck® garaging flooring to his shop, too – a massive part of his life as a car enthusiast. Matthew Brown, of Idaho used RaceDeck® FreeFlow® and Smoked Oak XL flooring for what can only be described as his uber-cool garage.

“It’s my ‘fun place,’ where I work on my cars and trucks,” Matthew said. “I used to have a Ford Model A, and my current collection includes my daily driver, a Ford Mustang GT Premium, a recently lifted Ford F-150, and two Polaris RZRs for fun. I also work on the cars of trucks of friends and family here.”

Huge congrats to Matthew, who proved his garage is anything but typical. Which reminds us that the year 2020 was anything but ordinary. That goes for our Garage of the Year contest, too. RaceDeck had so hundreds and hundreds of cool garage photos submitted for this year’s contest, so instead of highlighting the top ten like we usually do, we chose 25!

The Garage design ideas featured some killer toys, rad rides, and the best garage floors we’ve ever seen. Entries ranged from massive garages fully outfitted with lifts, to man caves, to garage gyms and everything in between. Designs were colorful, muted, wild, classic, and completely original. We were blown away at how many of you love the garage life as much as we do!

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve seen us showing off the limitless creativity we received for cool garage ideas but here’s a shout-out to everyone in our top 25 in one place. Just take a look at these radical rides and RaceDeck garages (in no particular order) – and keep your ideas and photos coming. After all, 2021 could be your year to have the Coolest Garage on the Block!

Highlights From the Top 25:

Bill Pierce of Houston, Texas

has a man cave garage floored with our multi-patented TuffShield Diamond® style garage flooring. See photos below!

Jon-Paul Mickle of Louisiana

has a garage and shed floored with our multi-patented CircleTrac® style garage flooring. Check out the transformation of this cool little space!

James Martin of Arizona

has a man cave/garage painted in Harley orange, black, and gray. He chose RaceDeck because it was “the sharpest-looking product on the market.”

Peter Framson of Maryland

has a garage that’s a converted 1960’s Civil War-era “bank barn.” Peter and his wife have done two garages with RaceDeck flooring and had a blast each time!

Scott Stekr of Colorado

has a cool home garage and woodworking shop that’s floored with our multi-patented Free-Flow® style garage flooring.

Allen and Sasha Crisp of Florida

have a four-car garage used extensively for vehicle service and repair, but their RaceDeck flooring means they keep it showtime ready. “RaceDeck is the right, and only, choice for us.”

Steven Hossa of Illinois

keeps his supercharged Range Rover Sport and Ford Raptor on the best, RaceDeck checked floor out there.

Ron Schaepkens of Michigan

now has an impressive RaceDeck garage floor that dramatically contrasts with his cars. Ron used RaceDeck’s black diamond plate TuffShield and aluminum diamond plate.

Frank Mewborn of Georgia

built an addition onto the house that serves as his shop/man cave. His hobby is building café racers, and he says he picked RaceDeck garage flooring because it’s nothing but the best.

Kendi Endra of Rhode Island

says her two beautiful cars, including her dream car, the King of Corvettes, deserved a “cool abode” and installed RaceDeck flooring that allowed her creativity to flourish.

Daniel Allen of Pennsylvania

chose a retro-style industrial look with a complementing RaceDeck floor pattern to define parking pads for his “dueling Germans.”

Ken Berger of California

chose RaceDeck flooring for an upgrade for his 2,000 sq. ft. garage he built over 30 years ago to house an incredible collection that includes a 69 Shelby GT 350 convertible.

James Broyles of Pennsylvania

is a Corvette junkie, who used stunning RaceDeck flooring for his garage renovation in preparation for a new Corvette HTC.

Victor Neeley of South Carolina

loves his RaceDeck flooring and inspired his brother-in-law to design with RaceDeck garage flooring, too.

Mike Rosedale of Illinois

is a long-time satisfied RaceDeck customer who built a fantastic six-car garage their neighbors refer to as “Garage Mahal.”

Robert Stewart of Southern California

designed his garage with RaceDeck flooring as a Pandemic Project. He chose RaceDeck garage flooring because it creates a fantastic showroom floor and is customizable for any design style.

Stephen Fantasia of Texas

bought four 100th anniversary Harley Davidsons in 2003 and decided to transform his garage using RaceDeck flooring into a fully functional personal bike workshop.

Lester Stanley of Massachusetts

gets a nod for turning up the volume on his heated and air-conditioned garage featuring RaceDeck flooring that he loves, in part, because he says spills are effortless to wipe up.

Josh Boyer of Pennsylvania

says his wife hated his garages before RaceDeck, and now she’s pushing him to finish more. He loves the way RaceDeck garage flooring transformed his space.

Darryl Clark of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

says he chose RaceDeck because it was the only floor that would support his four-post lift.

Kenneth Rutter of Illinois

used RaceDeck for the second time and recommends it to everyone he knows.

Rich Stomp of North Georgia

says when he has friends over who admire his cars (especially the Ford GT), they always ask about the RaceDeck flooring. “It’s a great product and dresses up the garage.”

Richard Lorio of Chicago, Illinois

has a nearly 1,000 sq. ft. home garage with wall-to-wall RaceDeck Free-Flow graphic tiles that show off the “Ford guy’s” cars – and is a place of refuge for him.

Guðmundur Árni Pálsson and Maríu Höbbý of Iceland

have an incredible, huge multi-level garage that includes a collection of cars and motorcycles, plenty of activities, and not to mention an elevator. More about this next-level garage here.

The owners/designers of the top 25 garages featured here received some coveted RaceDeck Swag, and our top winner, Matthew, took home a grand prize package that will include a feature of his garage in an upcoming national ad campaign for RaceDeck. Thanks to everyone for sharing the most awesome garage floors we’ve ever seen! Here’s to seeing your spaces right here next year.

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