RaceDeck Case Study: Luxe Auto Spa

Executive Summary

Customer Name: Luxe Auto Spa
Industry: Auto Detailing, Car Protection, Tint, Wraps
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Website: luxeautospa.com


  • Find a cost-effective, non-permanent flooring solution
  • Install a versatile flooring solution that can withstand the demands of detailing, clean room tinting and wrapping
  • Identify a floor with a high-end feel for presentation and customer pickup


  • Procure and install various styles of RaceDeck Modular Garage and Showroom Flooring

Business Results:

  • Virtually no downtime for floor installation
  • Product versatility made an easy selection for each application
  • Various floor styles all interlock, making for a seamless floor
  • Facility transformed for desired look and function
  • Floor is removable in the event of a move


For industries that sell car protection, upgrades, and details, an aesthetically pleasing, functional facility is of the utmost importance. When moving to a new space, a worn, cracked concrete floor can be an immediate eye sore and a large, expensive obstacle. Choosing a new floor requires consideration of cost, permanence (for renters), durability, and of course visual effect and functionality.

For many in the auto detailing industry, retail and work spaces are rented or temporary, meaning any major changes made to the building structure are permanent and cannot be relocated with the detailer when a lease is up or a larger space is needed. For those not looking to gift their landlord a brand new sealed concrete, epoxy, or painted floor, other semi to non-permanent flooring solutions are the better option.

Identifying and procuring a floor versatile enough to handle the various industry demands is also challenging. Luxe Auto Spa, a successful Salt Lake City business, performs a wide array of services throughout their facility including but not limited to: auto detail, tint, wraps, and car protection. Each of these services has a different demand for the floor beneath them. A “clean room” for tint and wrap, for example, a self-draining option for wash bays, and a high-end showroom for customer presentation and pickup.

Luxe Auto Spa needed to find a permanent yet removable floor to meet all of their functional and aesthetic needs, as well as a floor that would keep expensive equipment high and dry while still being easy to clean and maintain.

“In an industry where aesthetics and appearance are everything, RaceDeck goes the extra mile providing durability and form to complement our clients’ vehicles.” ~Cougar Elfervig – Founder, Luxe Auto Spa


After researching and sampling several floor options, Luxe chose to utilize the RaceDeck® flooring line throughout their facility.

RaceDeck floors had a few key features making it the choice for Luxe Auto Spa. First: RaceDeck can be used in a permanent or non-permanent application. Equipped with PowerLock technology, RaceDeck’s easy-to-install loop and peg locking system can withstand many installations and tear downs, meaning Luxe, when they were ready to move, could simply pick the floor up and take it with them. What was initially an expense to the company can now be listed as an asset.

The second key feature is versatility. The RaceDeck flooring lineup is notably the most versatile in the modular floor industry. Options range from solid tops with varying surface patterns to self-draining, and from casual to luxury showroom floors. While other companies may offer a similar gamut, the differing factor here was that all RaceDeck styles are installation compatible—meaning they all feature the same locking system, making for a smooth transition from room to room when needed.

For Luxe, as it will be for any auto detailer, the final important feature is the quality of the product itself. RaceDeck is a USA-made product manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Made without cheap fillers or imitation plastics, RaceDeck can withstand the regular traffic of vehicles in and out of the shop, the weight of heavy stationary equipment, and will not react with detailing washes or chemicals. The 20-year manufacturer’s limited warranty offered on the product left Luxe Auto Spa feeling secure with their choice.

Business Results

Unlike the grinding and floor preparation required for epoxy or paint, the installation of the RaceDeck Complete Flooring System for Luxe Auto Spa was completed in under a day. Minimal downtime is key for a busy operation; saving time is the equivalent to saving money.

Products were carefully chosen from the RaceDeck product lineup based on the process of the room and purpose of the floor. Luxe Auto Spa chose the self-draining, chemical resistant Free-Flow XL for wash bays; the high gloss, extra easy to keep clean TuffShield® Diamond for their tint and wrap clean room; and the luxurious but high-performance vinyl topped Smoked Oak for the customer car presentation and pick up bay. All three styles have performed successfully in the designated areas and have helped to improve the aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency of Luxe Auto Spa.

Photos From Luxe Auto Spa’s New Look:

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