Aaron Reitman feels the need for speed and a RaceDeck Garage Floor that’s as cool as his rides

Who’s up for a loud, fast ride that smells like gas? Then hit the road with Aaron Reitman in his 1959 Beck Speedster, a Porsche Speedster replica with a CB Performance fuel-injected 2165cc that he says rips! Aaron, who was the runner-up in RaceDeck’s Garage of the Year contest last year, says, “If I have the Beck out, it’s for the sole purpose of driving the car, and I love it. The engine has a tad more than three times the power of a real 356 would’ve had in 1959. It has no door locks, side windows, or creature comforts that make it a standard-usage car, but the Beck’s not actually old, so it’s as reliable as any new car on the road today.” Aaron adds: “It just provides an extraordinarily raw and visceral driving experience, and it’s a car that commands attention at all times.”

The garage floor where Aaron shows off his Beck Speedster demands attention at all times, too.

Just take a look at that classic checkered garage floor. The four-by-four black-and-white RaceDeck custom garage flooring is the ultimate dream for car and garage lovers. “It has such a cool, classic look,” says Aaron. His fully attached garage measures a whopping 2,100 square feet and is completely floored in RaceDeck Free-Flow®.

It’s not Aaron’s first experience owning a RaceDeck garage floor, either. A RaceDeck modular floor took center stage at the home he recently sold. “My last home’s garage floor was a solid black Free-Flow floor with red-and-white racetrack curbing across the entrance of the garage,” Aaron says, but it wasn’t the high-tech look that sold him on a RaceDeck floor twice. “I live in Northern Indiana, and we get significant snow. They use a highly abrasive salt on the roads all winter, but my RaceDeck floor took the daily abuse of our driving for six years and still looked brand new!”

Aaron's previous garage
Aaron’s previous garage

For my new house, there was no question. It was a RaceDeck garage floor or nothing.

Choosing a new design for his new RaceDeck floor was still challenging. “With so many garage floor designs, I was having a tough time making the call on color. We’d just finished the new house when I watched the first F1 race of the season on TV,” says Aaron. “After the race, they pulled Valterri Bottas’ winning car onto the grid, and I noticed the black-and-white Free-Flow right away. I honestly paused the TV and counted the tiles to confirm it was four by four!” Aaron exclaims. “I placed my order with RaceDeck right then and there.”

This RaceDeck floor has proven to stand the test of time at the highest quality. For me, there is no other alternative.

No one can argue that Aaron’s RaceDeck floor has some stiff competition from his collection of cars. Check out the blue-and-white 1969 VW Beetle. Formerly owned by Chuck Beck, the creator of the Beck Speedster and Beck 55 Spyder, the car was restored by Beck/Special Edition of Bremen Indiana in 2019 (get this) as a birthday present for his wife! Then there’s the 1971 VW Tin-Top Westy in Neptune Blue, and the 1961 Dove Blue Single Cab VW Bus. Feast your eyes on that 1972 BMW 2002, though, because that one really has a story: it was the first car Aaron owned when he was 16! “I sold the BMW it in 1992 then repurchased it in 2012 – from the same guy. It was fully restored and painted Jadegrun. That isn’t the correct color for that year, but when I owned it as a 16-year-old kid it was Jadegrun, so I kept it,” tells Aaron.

Every true car enthusiast wants a dream garage to showcase their rides, and RaceDeck flooring options make it simple and affordable!

RaceDeck garage floor options are easy to install—no tools required—and it only takes a few short hours. What’s more, self-draining Free-Flow style flooring is the best way to keep your prize rods and vintage vehicles high and dry year-round. The advanced design allows maximum airflow and evaporation, preventing moisture and thus odor buildup in your garage. All RaceDeck flooring also comes with a 20-year limited warranty so that just like your cars, your floor is a quality investment for the long term.

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Photos of Aaron’s Garage:

Photo Credit: RaceDeck’s own Dean Hainey, Aaron’s salesman!


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