Testimonials & Endorsements


The RaceDeck flooring is the crown jewel in our new assembly shop… RaceDeck flooring has transformed the last section of shop floor from blah to beautiful

~ Mark Worman – Graveyard Carz

Kirkham Motorsports

We are really happy with the Race Deck flooring. It has made our shop look so much better. We drive forklifts, cars, dollies, jacks, and about everything else you can think of on it and we are happy with it.

~ David Kirkham – President, Kirkham Motorsports

Mac's Free-Flow Garage

Well I’m the envy of everyone on the street and I’m amazed how the flooring has transformed this average double garage into a showroom! Even with the harsh winters the free flow tiles work great allowing the snow to fall through the tile keeping the garage clean. I cant recommend this flooring enough! Thanks

~ Marco Shiggs

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my RaceDeck Floor and my experience with your company. Prior to purchasing my floor, I researched and compared all of the options and it quickly became clear that RaceDeck was by far the highest quality garage floor out there. Once I made my choice I called RaceDeck and the entire experience was fantastic, I love my floor and I highly recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.

~ Bob Bondurant – American Racing Legend

RaceDeck is one of the best garage-floor tile manufacturers on the market, and we’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about their products and customer service. Their website has a tantalizing photo gallery and features an interactive floor designer and quote generator to help you get started. As a bonus, RaceDeck manufactures their tiles in the U.S.A.

~ PopularMechanics.com


The RaceDeck FreeFlow floor tile system is exceptional! Performance, presentation and quality are key elements required in motorsports racing. FreeFlow is simple yet durable while giving the overall presentation a professional and efficient look.

~ Pat Clark – Pat Clark Motorsports

Well, since it has been over a year, I thought I would follow up on the pictures of my garage. Over the past year I have replaced, power steering, all wiring and redone the interior of my Chevy. This floor is terrific and one year later, looks new. It is the best thing I could have done to the cracked and aging concrete in my garage. Thank you all so much for a terrific product and for supporting my old car habit.

~ W.R. Abernathy – Delaware


Here is my garage showing my Racedeck flooring. This flooring is 10 years old. It has been in multiple locations. I keep moving and keep taking the floor with me. I guess the reason I like RaceDeck is that you can take it from home to home. Alot of people on the garage forums are always asking about this stuff. Well, here is your proof. Yes, it might have a few scratches on a few tiles (I could pop them out and replace if I wasn’t so lazy) but all in all, 10 years later it still looks great. When I bought this tile years and years ago, I was thinking about doing epoxy. Glad I didn’t. The new home owner would be enjoying it but not me. 🙂 Very happy customer.

~ Anton Benz

My floor was coated with epoxy paint and started coming up with the first sign of moisture and it is still flaking off 20 years later.. To have it stripped properly and epoxy coated would have cost way more than the RaceDeck…. For the first time, I can work in a clean shop. Well done, RaceDeck!!! Now, my garage makes me happy!!!

~ Gary Bartman – California

…We found RaceDeck seemed to have a higher quality product, with many more options available to the consumer.

~ Jason Jones – Kit Car Builder Magazine


At Macc Racing we are extremely impressed on how easy RaceDeck is to install, it took us little over 1 day to do the entire shop. RaceDeck has totally transformed our Shop, it looks totally amazing and is extremely durable & strong. We highly recommend RaceDeck.

~ Chris MacClugage – 13 Time World Watercraft Champion

I wanted to formally thank you for the amazing transition your company performed on my garage. It turned out to be superior to anything that I imagined. Your crew was very accommodating and did an excellent installation.

~ Douglas Meine – Executive Vice President, Rolex Watch USA, Inc.


I love my RaceDeck flooring! The installation was easy and the results were incredible. The online design feature was a lot of fun and it really helped me visualize the final layout. Rackdeck’s customer service was excellent and the shipping was super fast! After a few months, it still looks brand new! This is a quality product that I highly recommend.

~ Ken – Thousand Oaks, California

The entire buying experience through installation was flawless. One nice thing I noticed was that the floor seems to stay much cleaner and dirt free after the RaceDeck tiles were installed. Total satisfaction!

~ David Vanderwall – Florida

It’s been down for nearly 4 years now and still looks the same as the day that I put it down. I am really pleased with it and I’m glad I chose this product.

~ Dave Lockett – The United Kingdom

RaceDeck Rocks!!!! I just had to take a moment to give an honorable mention to RaceDeck. I had some site specific problems with the installation and could not get it sorted out. I was about to give up and the RaceDeck team kicked into high gear and came to the rescue. I didn’t pay them to do the installation originally and had no expectation they would actually come to my shop and help at no charge. I am happy to say that customer service is not dead at least not with RaceDeck. In my 41 years and as a business owner and contractor, I have rarely seen a company put forth this kind of effort. I am comfortably a RaceDeck customer for life. Any one of you are welcome to contact me if you have any doubts about this reference or questions about the installation.

~ Chris Schuldt – Virginia

I want to thank you for your personal responsiveness and passion for customer service. I was part of a firm that grew from 35 people to 1000 and $10M in revenue to $500M. Our core value centered around our customer, and it proved to be a winning strategy. Admittedly I have not spent a lot of time with your company, but I get the sense that your passion for customer service is reflective in the quality of your product and your service. Secondly, I wanted to thank you for producing a quality product. As you can see from the photo, our installation is complete. The installation was very simple. My wife and I (with some help from my 11 year old daughter) installed the tile in our 3-car garage in about 3 hours. It certainly would have been less had we not had to cut tiles. I’ll do my best to be an ambassador for your products and your company.

~ Scott Severson – Director, CDW

Thanks! I received the shipment today as you promised. I am impressed with what I see so far! Absolutely love the colors!! I’m getting that warm & fuzzy feeling all over. I did test the 2 tiles (yours vs. a competitor) side by side and under the kickstands of both my bikes and there is no comparison. You have made a believer out of me!.

~ Chuck – California

Jennifer I just saw the segment on RaceDeck on My Classic Car. COOL exposure for you guys. Being in manufacturing here in the USA that is totally cool that you guys were able to show that. I still love my floor 5 years later!!!

~ Kevin Feighery – Connecticut


Racedeck Has Been Endorsed by and Recognized As the Official Flooring Of:

  • My Classic Car
  • Kindig-It Design
  • GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association
  • Graveyard Carz
  • Kirkham Motorsports
  • Russo and Steele
  • Indycar Series
  • Rad Rides by Troy
  • Foose
  • Mothers Polishes Waxes Cleaners