RaceDeck Modular Garage Flooring vs. Others

When choosing a modular garage flooring option for your garage, two of the most important considerations are design and quality. RaceDeck® is known as the creator of the modular garage flooring industry you see today and the heavyweight of said industry, with over 33 patents.

During the 90’s, modular garage flooring was developed and introduced to the residential and commercial market by RaceDeck Garage Floors and today there are many competitors that have come and gone in this market.  Modular garage flooring has quickly become the #1 choice among homeowners looking for attractive, durable and easy garage floor options which will serve for years and are easy to install and maintain.

There is a significant difference in quality and performance between RaceDeck and the various competitors who have popped up over the years. RaceDeck is manufactured in their ISO quality certified factory in Salt Lake City, Utah. The patented interlocking system of RaceDeck is like no other, using their multi-patented system of 16 positive locking lugs and loops per module that allows them to “snap” together with 4 connections on each side, A.K.A. “The Power Of 4”.  Another key feature of their patented locking system is that the locks are part of the under-structure, which makes for unmatched durability. After years of development and trying hundreds of different types and numbers of connections, RaceDeck’s current multi-patented locking system proved to be the best for the harsh garage environment.

Competitors have countered with many combinations of 12 to 24+ peg and loops per tile all in an effort to try and get around the RaceDeck Patented locking systems.  While a higher number of connections per side sounds better at first, if you look closely you can see that the RaceDeck positive locking locks and loops are larger and thicker in construction compared to competitors’ flimsy connections.

Other key features of the RaceDeck full-suspension garage flooring design is the ability to allow air to circulate and moisture and liquids flow freely, unlike many competitors who have little or no true drainage in their design. This is a very important design feature to have in the harsh garage environment where mold, mildew and moisture are constant issues. The substructure of the tiles is different as well.  RaceDeck engineered their patented garage floor ‘superstructure’ which makes for an unbroken substructure that is connected throughout the entire garage floor system, allowing for up to 80,000 lb vehicle rolling loads.

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