Charred Oak


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Charred Oak

When it’s time to park your vintage beauties just for the night or for permanent display, RaceDeck’s new Charred Oak Garage Flooring is the clear choice. Charred Oak offers the sleek, modern design of a real wood floor without the cost or maintenance. Turn your garage into a showplace within just hours – Charred Oak simply snaps into place, no mess, no tools, no adhesives required. Best of all, Charred oak is compatible with all RaceDeck Garage Products giving you endless design possibilities.

The Key Benefits of Charred Oak Display Flooring:

  • Largest Modular Surface Available – Install your display in no time with 3′ x 3′ panels
  • High-End Style – Provides professional look with a showroom finish without paint or decals
  • Modular Design – Engineered to create a custom display floor at virtually any size
  • Easy-to-Clean Surface – Resistant to petroleum products and most chemicals
  • Patented PowerLock® Technology – Flooring modules lock in place and stay engaged  learn more »
  • Compatible With All RaceDeck Garage Flooring – Mix and match styles for a truly original, custom garage floor
  • Made in the USA – Flooring garages worldwide
  • Easy Installation – Set up your booth or commercial display in no time learn more »

Not sure where to start? Learn how to pick the perfect color combo here.


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