Garage Pictures: Capturing the Best of Your Cool Home Garage

You had a vision of what your dream garage would look like, you worked hard to get it done, and now it’s time to show it off.

Taking awesome garage pictures is the quickest and easiest way to share your finished garage flooring project with family, friends, and your social media followers.

Taking pictures of your garage tiles is easy with modern cell phones or digital cameras—it just takes a little planning to get the best possible shots. Over the years (and through a lot of trial and error) we’ve discovered what makes a garage photo really stand out. Below are a few tips.

Clean your garage and remove any clutter (ex: boxes, stored house items, items on the floor, etc.) Give your floor a good sweep to get rid of any leaves, footprints, or dust from the installation.

Lighting is key! Know which way your garage faces and use the sunlight (or sunset) to your advantage.

Take photos with and without your cars or motorcycle in the garage.

If you have a garage with nice lighting at night, a great shot is from your driveway looking into the garage (capturing just past the door opening on each side at various angles).

Before and after photos are a great way to tell the story of how you created your dream garage – Always shoot the before and after from the same angle and height for a the most impactful transformation photo.

Circletrac Sublime and Free-Flow Black garage with Tesla

Get shots from many angles and levels. The 4 best shots are typically: Looking into the garage from the driveway from head high level, shot from 1 corner looking in to the garage and out at a lower level (both with and without cars), shots from above looking down into the garage floor are great and a photo that you feel shows what your garage is all about.

Get different photos holding the phone or camera both vertically and horizontally. iPhone users can also get great shots using portrait mode.

With today’s cameras and phones, you can take many great photos! Pick the best 4 or 5 and if needed, imaging editing is also very easy and most devices have an “auto” image editor.

All that’s left is to show off your “Coolest Garage On The Block”!

RaceDeck… Great folks and a really cool product!

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