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RaceDeck Kicks Off Garage of the Year Countdown

The 2020 Garage of the Year countdown has begun!

In its third year, the RaceDeck GOTY contest typically counts down the top 10 garage submissions before announcing the big winner. But, as we’ve all come to understand, nothing about 2020 was “typical!” This year, the RD team received so many incredible garage submissions with so many awesome stories behind them, it was impossible to pick just 10. Instead—and even this was hard—we chose 25 of our favorite submissions and one grand prize winner to be crowned the RaceDeck 2020 Garage of the Year!

From January 6th — January 30th via the RD Instagram and Facebook pages, we’ll be sharing (in no particular order) 25 of the coolest garages on the block, featuring rad rides, killer toys, and of course, the best garage floors we’ve ever seen! Featured garages will win coveted RaceDeck Swag and the grand prize winner will take home a prize package, including having their garage featured in a RaceDeck National Ad Campaign. The big winner will be announced on January 31st. Have you seen your garage on our pages yet? Stay tuned!

Kerry Moller of RaceDeck takes delivery of her 1969 Ford Bronco

West Coast Cruisin’: Meet the Newest Member of the RaceDeck Speed Garage, a 1969 Ford Bronco

RaceDeck Garage Floor Owners (and Frequent Fliers) Kerry and Jorgen Moller left their passports at home this month in favor of a good old fashioned road trip. On the agenda: check out the stunning Pacific Northwest, nosh on fresh caught seafood, dip a toe in the pacific and (most importantly) pick up the newest member of the RaceDeck Speed Garage, Kerry’s original and unrestored 1969 Sky Blue Ford Bronco. After all, what better way to get acquainted with the 51 year old beauty than to stretch her legs over a 6 day epic road trip?

RaceDeck CEO Jorgen shares the memorable details:

Our 1250 mile journey began with picking up the classic bronco from the previous owner, Lisa Owen, in Olympia WA. Lisa had owned this bronco for over 20 years and was sad to see her go but ensured the car (and we) had an amazing send off. Lisa owns a restaurant named the Mark in downtown Olympia. The Mark is unfortunately closed to the public due to COVID, but Lisa treated us to a delicious private meal and a great evening on the patio of her restaurant.

The next morning we were off, ready to bounce down the coast in Kerry’s rustic ride. Our first day of driving successfully ended in Long Beach, WA. Long Beach is a cool seaside town that is famed for “the world’s longest beach” where we could drive the bronco on the beach down the coast—great fun, great seafood.

Following a quick breakfast in Ilawaco Harbor the Bronco took us to Oregon, passing through small towns and eventually hitting the coast at Seaside then down to Cannon Beach. Cannon beach is one of the most stunning and scenic coastlines in the world and we loved it so much we spent a couple of days there venturing out to along the coast to explore.

Next up was heading East to Portland. She (the bronco) was driving fantastic! First stops in Portland was to the famed Voodoo Doughnuts and Pizza Jerk, easy to see what all the hype was about, so good! Cruised through town and then headed out to Hood River. That’s when things really started heating up—literally! One the way to HR, the temps were climbing to around 95 with the bronco running solidly… the exception being the heater seemed to be stuck in the ON position. Our guess is the inside cab temps reached well over 100 and the floor almost melted our shoes. Once landing in HR, we both immediately jumped in the river to cool off, felt so good! We let the car cool down and decided it had to be a stuck heater valve in the hose coming out of the radiator. Quick fix for me to cut the hose into the cab and just loop the hose back to the engine. A test ride to White Salmon WA across the bridge confirmed that and it worked Yeah!—we had a great dinner on Main Street that evening.

The next morning we loaded up for our longest stretch to Boise ID. We made a number of stops in small towns along the way always swinging by local restaurants and hot spots. The bronco was amazing, cruising 65 all day. Spent the night and then headed out again to Twin Falls ID. From there it was an easy cruise home to the RaceDeck Speed Garage in Salt Lake City.

About the Bronco:

1969 Ford Bronco – Sky View Blue
3-speed on the tree
302 v8
Unrestored and uncut. U14 code bronco
Owned by women for at least 42 of the last 51 years and now owned by Kerry Moller

Need a place to park after your next road trip?

Design your Garage

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Outside view of this custom RaceDeck Diamond garage.

3 Ways To Protect Your Cars And The Garage

Protecting your cars and garage is always worth your time and resources. As a true car enthusiast, you know the value of every single car you own and the cost of every item in your garage. The best way to protect your cars and garage from vandalism, theft, and natural causes is by investing in your garage. Here are three easy ways to protect your cars and garage:

1. Install a security system

A security system is a worthwhile investment when you consider the value of your cars and everything you have in your garage. Today’s security systems can do everything from alerting you in the event of a break-in to notifying you if there’s a fire in your garage. It’s important to add motion detectors near your windows and doors since they are access points to your garage. The use of outdoor cameras and motion-activated lighting is another way to increase security. You’ll be able to track unwanted movement outside of your garage and anything happening at night.

You can either pay to have your security system installed or go the DIY route. Opting for the professional install route may cost more but whatever you decide to do comes down to your budget and what you’re most comfortable with.

2. Frost your windows

To reduce the chances of people peeking through your garage windows, you can frost them with spray paint. Doing so prevents anyone from the outside a clear look at your cars and other valuables. If you don’t want to frost your windows but still want more privacy, consider installing curtains. Curtains can be easily removed should you decide to move. Either way, you can reduce the chance of burglaries by blocking people from looking into your garage.

3. Use self-draining RaceDeck garage flooring

Unfortunately, criminals aren’t the only threat to your cars and garage. Mold and mildew can grow which will damage your garage and the interior of your cars. Not only are mold and mildew bad for your lungs and your expertly detailed cars, but they also lead to bad odors.

A simple way to reduce mold and mildew in your garage is by using the patented self-draining RaceDeck Free-Flow garage flooring system. Every RaceDeck flooring tile is fully channeled to allow air and moisture to escape. This unique design helps eliminates odor-causing mold and mildew. With RaceDeck flooring, you also benefit from the odorless installation which means there are no toxic epoxy fumes when you lay each RaceDeck garage tile exactly how you want to.

Three-car garage with Free-Flow flooring keeps the moisture outside

Safety and security are important when it comes to your garage and the cars inside. With these tips, you can start to get the most out of your garage and enjoy it for years to come.

Do you have any questions about how you can get the most out of your garage with RaceDeck flooring? Are you in need of help when it comes to showing off your cars? Give us a call at


car guy garage with a '63 sting ray, hot rod, and Land Cruiser

Why Car Guys and Women Choose RaceDeck Garage flooring

Upgrading your garage with our patented RaceDeck garage flooring is a no-brainer. If you’re a car guy, you definitely want to display your rides by turning your garage into your own home showroom. You’ve worked hard to acquire your dream rides. Only you know that truly showing them off will do them justice.

Here are a handful of reasons why true car guys choose RaceDeck flooring:

Easy To Install

Whether you’ve restored your classic cars or detail your muscle cars better than anyone else, you need to be in control of your garage. It’s important that you know every little detail about your garage since it’s how you protect and show your cars. True car enthusiasts choose RaceDeck flooring because of how easy it is to install and how durable it is. To install your RaceDeck flooring of choice takes just hours. After all, it’s engineered to be a true DIY garage flooring system for the tough garage environment!

Check out how simple it is to put in RaceDeck flooring in your dream garage:


Made In The USA

There’s nothing like supporting the American economy by purchasing products made in the USA. All RaceDeck products are 100% made in the USA which you can be proud of. Every single RaceDeck garage tile is engineered, manufactured, and shipped from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. RaceDeck’s parent company, SnapLock Industries, stands out from the rest due to its history and dedication to excellence. The high standards of SnapLock Industries have resulted an award of ISO 9001:2015 Certification for its Quality Management System. This proves its steadfast commitment to manufacturing and providing the highest quality products and services to its customers.

Increased Garage Safety

Another reason why car enthusiasts choose RaceDeck flooring is because of the increased safety and durability that comes with RaceDeck tiles. It’s slip-resistant when wet. This means that you reduce the chances of a slip-and-fall in the event of liquid spilling on your garage floor or when snow melts off tires after a big storm. RaceDeck flooring is not affected by moisture so you don’t have to worry about it warping when there’s an increase in humidity. There are also no toxic fumes involved in the installation of RaceDeck flooring, compared to other types of flooring which may lead to harmful odors when installed.

20-Year Limited Warranty

Just as you only do your best work when maintaining and upgrading your cars, so do we with our flooring. We offer a 20-year limited warranty to everyone who chooses RaceDeck flooring to take their garage to the next level. Should any RaceDeck floor tiles break, you can easily replace broken tiles with new tiles within 20 years of purchasing.

RaceDeck flooring is a result of close to 40 years of engineering innovation in premium modular flooring. This cutting edge technology will help you showcase and protect your cars for years to come.

For any questions you may have about what RaceDeck flooring can do for you, call


RaceDeck… Great folks and a really cool product!

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